Adele Mao
Founder, Chief Analyst

Ms. Mao leads the firm’s research effort. With over 18 years of
experience in equity research and investment banking, Ms. Mao is one
of the first Wall Street analysts with dedicated research coverage of
Chinese companies listed in the U.S.

Prior to OLP, Ms. Mao served as Senior Equity Analyst covering China
Diversified Growth companies at Susquehanna International Group
(SIG), with research coverage spanning industry verticals including
education, industrial, tech/telecom, and consumer retail. Prior to SIG,
Ms. Mao spent five years at Lehman Brothers in Global Mergers &
Acquisitions before moving to equity research covering Internet/New
Media and commercial banks.

Ms. Mao holds an MBA from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
College and has a B.A. in Economics and Applied Mathematics/
Statistics from Mount Holyoke College.
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